Global Market Access (GMA)

Reaching a global market involves many complex interactions with local and regional organisations, from test labs to certification bodies around the world.

EUREX UK Ltd provides a comprehensive service for its clients, managing their global market access projects.

Some markets provide a means to leverage internationally recognised standards and test reports, but many countries have their own complex regulatory frameworks, which are constantly updated and expanded.  Keeping up to date with regulatory schemes is key to a successful product rollout.

We can provide a detailed GMA plan for clients, then manage the process as each market is targeted.  Our relationships with international test labs and agencies in many geographical regions, enables us to provide a comprehensive and competitive solution.  Contact us with your target markets and we will provide a turnkey solution to meet your need.

Our other services

Customs Union (EAC)

EUREX UK Ltd has specialised in certification services for GOST and the Customs Union working directly with certification bodies in the Union.

Bluetooth Qualification Services

EUREX UK Ltd can provide a fully managed Bluetooth Qualification testing and consultancy service.

Certification Management Services

EUREX UK has core technical expertise and skills in merging technologies to manage product approvals and certification.

EUREX is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your project.