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Steve Flooks

Steve Flooks

Co-Founder and Director

Steve is Co-Founder and Director of EUREX UK Limited and a Director of EUREX (Japan) Limited.

Steve has worked in the regulatory compliance industry for over 25 years.  He has managed a number of engineering teams and services at one of the leading UK test laboratories, including EMC, Radio, Bluetooth, Microwave and SAR, now specialising in Global Market Access (GMA) services.

He has been involved in Bluetooth Qualification since 2000, became a BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Body) in 2002, then a BQE (Bluetooth Qualification Expert) in 2006, then passing his BQC (Bluetooth Qualification Consultant) exam in 2017,  having chaired BTAB (Bluetooth Technical Advisory Board) twice and been a member of BTI (Test and Interoperability) Working Group.  Steve has listed over 250 Bluetooth designs and is very experienced in RF, Profile and Protocol Testing.

On the back of EUREX Japans expertise in GOST and Customs Union (EAC) services, Steve is now an expert in this field, covering the Customs Union and many surrounding countries like Ukraine, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Steve has presented at many industry forums and exhibitions and has had a number of articles published in the electronic press.

Keiji Ariga

Keiji Ariga

Director (EUREX Japan)

Keiji graduated from the Radio Engineering Laboratory of Toyo University with a Master’s Degree.  Over the last 25 years Keiji has held several engineering positions in Japan, including EMC Engineer within two large corporations.

Keiji joined EUREX (Japan) Limited in 2013 as a Director and works closely with EUREX UK Limited.

Harry Okada


Harry Okada is Managing Director of EUREX (Japan) Limited and Co-Founder of EUREX UK Limited.  Harry graduated from the American-English Business Dept. of the Kitakyushu University, Japan. For the last 20+ years he’s been engaged in global product certification and marketing services.
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