Customs Union (EAC)

EUREX UK Limited has specialised in certification services for GOST and the Customs Union, working directly with certification bodies.

EUREX UK Ltd has specialised in certification services for GOST and the Customs Union, (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan), working directly with certification bodies in the Union.  We can provide a complete solution for a wide scope of industry sectors including Oil and Gas, IT, Telecom, Automotive and Cosmetics.

Certification in the Customs Union is often complex and problematic demanding careful planning and management.  With  over 10 years  experience in dealing directly with the certification bodies and many government agencies, we ensure minimum delays occur.  Documentation translation can be handled directly by our team in Moscow, ensuring the content and quality meets the requirements for certification.  We can also provide local representations services should this be required.

Below is a sample of the Russian certifications/documents/services we can provide;

  • Customs Union Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
    TR CU 012/2013 On safety of equipment operating in explosive atmospheres
    ТR СU 004/2011 On safety of low-voltage equipment
    ТR СU 009/2011 On safety of cosmetics and perfumes
    ТR СU 010/2011 On safety of machinery and equipment
    СU 012/2011 On safety of the equipment for work in explosive environments
    TR CU 018/2011 On Safety of Wheeled vehicles
    СU 020/2011 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means
    TR CU
    032/2011 On safety of the equipment operating under excessive pressure

For a list of all Technical Regulations please click here

  • GOST Certification
  • Technical Regulation (TR) Certificate
  • Site Audits (if required under the regulations)
  • Telecom CoC and DoC
  • FSS Notification
  • RFC Approvals
  • Certificate of State Registration (Hygiene)
  • Letter of Exemption (LoE)
  • RTN (Rostechnadzor) Refusal Letter
  • Metrology (Pattern Approval) Certificate
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Technical Passport, User Manual and Industrial Safety Expertise Reports
  • Translation services
  • Customs Union representation services

Customs Union Industries – Oil & Gas

Applicable Regulations

TR CU “On safety of equipment operating in explosive atmospheres” CU TR 012/2013

TR CU “On safety of the equipment operating under excessive pressure” TR CU 032/2013

TR CU “On safety of machinery and equipment” ТR СU 010/2011

Fire Safety Certificate



ATEX certified equipment will fall under TR CU 012/2013,

Equipment falling under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is covered by
TR CU 032/2013

Equipment used outside of HazLocations which does not wok under pressure may fall under TR CU 010/2011


Products Type Examples

Valves, sensors, alarms, control units, fire alarms, fire extinguishing systems, pipeline elements, Pig Launchers, Drums, Boilers, Exchangers.

Notes: Products may also fall under other TR’s e.g. TR CU 004, TR CU 020 and RF/Telecom regulations depending on the product capability.  Products might also require Industrial Safety Expertise or refusal letters from RosTechNadzor and/or other national bodies.

Customs Union Industries – Pressure Equipment (PED)

Applicable Regulations

TR CU “On safety of the equipment operating under excessive pressure” (TR CU 032/2013) – can obtain Certificate (CoC), Declaration (DoC) for single shipment or serially produced equipment, typically serial certificates are issued with a 5 year term.  An exemption letter can be issued for equipment  that does not fall under the technical regulations.



The Experts use the following criteria to decide what type of approval is needed;

  1. Working pressure
  2. Volume of a vessel or a diameter of tube
  3. For what substances equipment is used: gas or fluids.
  4. Working environment:
    Group 1: working environment, consisting of a flammable, oxidizing, flammable, explosive, toxic gases, liquids and vapours in the single-phase state, as well as mixtures thereof
    Group 2: all other operating environments, not covered by group 1


Products Type Examples

Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Exchangers, Drums, Valves, Pig Launchers

Notes: There is an extensive list of supporting documentation required for the application to the Certification Body,  EUREX includes a service to assist with all the documentation requirements.  Site Audits of your factory will also be required.

Customs Union Industries – RF and Telecom

Applicable Regulations

Telecom Declaration (DoC) or Telecom Certificate (CoC) – only valid for Russia

Radio Frequency Centre (RFC) – only valid for Russia

FSS Notification (Federal Security Service) – valid across Customs Union



Products that connect to the common network via wired or wireless means (e.g. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a customized protocol).

Products that are imported into Russia should comply with a set of frequency requirements and power requirements to their transmitters.  If your device uses a Wi-Fi b/g/n protocol but at the same time is out of allowed frequency range – manufacturer will have to obtain an RFC approval.

Products that implement cryptographic means (APIs, algorithms like AES, RSA, WPA and even HDCP that is installed in HDMI ports) shall require FSS Notification.


Products Type Examples

Wireless capable equipment

Bluetooth enabled devices

WiFi enabled devices

Mobile Telephony Equipment
Wired Telecom equipment (common network)

Customs Union Industries – Electrical Equipment

Applicable Regulations

TR CU «On safety of low-voltage equipment» (ТR СU 004/2011)

TR CU «Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means» (ТR СU 020/2011)



Depending on the type of product it might be necessary to obtain one or both certificates. The experts analyse the technical description of the products and determine which type of TR CU certificate or declaration of conformity is necessary.  The HS code  and technical specifications of the product are required to determine what regulations apply.

ТR СU 004/2011 refers to electric products meant to be used at nominal voltage of 50 up to 1000 V AC and of 75 to 1500 V DC. This document can be issued for up to 1, 3, 5 years or for a batch (single shipment).

ТR СU 020/2011 refers to electric products that may cause electromagnetic interference and/or operation quality of which depends on exposure to external electromagnetic disturbances apart from technologies with passive electromagnetic compatibility or used by manufacturers of other technical resources.


Products Type Examples

Cables, wires and cords

Lighting equipment

Home electronics

PC and office appliances, video & audio equipment etc.

Our other services

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